Eye Tutorial (semi-realism) for kids

Making a semi realism eye needs a lot more effort and a few more materials are needed than a typical anime or cartoon eye needs. The materials you’ll be needing are:

a sketching pencil, a 4b pencil, a gray brush pen, eraser, compass, and a black marker        Once you have all these, you can start




First, start by using a compass or trace the inside of a big tape roll to make a perfect circle. This will be the iris. Then create the rest of the shape of the eye. To make it easier, draw two triangles beside the circle, then erase the base of the triangle and attache the two lines to the top and bottom of the iris. Then you want to create a line on each corner of the eye, this will be the caruncle. After that, draw a much smaller circle in the middle of the iris, this will be the pupil of the eye.

Next step, shade around the pupil and at the edge of the iris, this will be the detail of the iris. Usually, this detail is only visible in people with blue or green eyes.

Next step, you wanna blend together the two similar shades. You can do this by using a finger or a Q-tip to smudge the two together. When you’re done with that, you wanna erase the top right (or left) quarter of the iris’ shade. this will give you an idea of where the light will reflect.

Next step, you wanna shade the entire sclera with the darkest part near the corner of the eye. The way i got the effect of the shade as shown above is to simply smudge the entire sclera with a Q-tip in a more firm manner.

Next step, shade the pupil, but leave an area or two in the right (or left) corner, depending on where you want the lighting to be. Next, you wanna darken the caruncle (the corner of your eye), make sure the shade is darker than that of the sclera and the iris.

Next step, you wanna use a darker pencil to outline the outside of the eye. You may also wanna blend your outline with the shade in the corner of the eye to make it more realistic, as seen in the picture above. Remember, the darkest part of the shade will be the very end of the corner of the eye. Next, draw a line just over the top of the eye, this will be the upper eyelid. When you’re done, you wanna shade over and under the line we just drew, then smudge it with a Q-tip or your your finger to blend the shade with the eyelid to make a more realistic impact on your artwork

Moving on to eyelashes, the top has been finished while I will guide you through finishing the bottom. Don’t worry what we will do with the lower eyelashes will be the exact same thing i did with the upper eyelashes. Ok, so first, as you can see inside the eye, it’s a pattern of “lumps” I put before the middle of the eye, this is very useful in making eyelashes. When you finish adding that in, follow the picture above, and extend the left end of the lump out the eye with the longest lash at the very end of the left corner of the eye. Now, you wanna add more lashes and make sure that it looks like the picture below once you’re finished.

This is what it should look like once you follow the steps above accordingly.

Alright, this is the part that will make your artwork “come to life” (not really). You wanna use a gray brush pen or a 5b pencil, but first look into the detail of the iris you made, and trace out the darkest lines with a gray brush pen or a dark pencil ( but spare the corner you want the lighting to be placed. If there is not enough dark lines to make it look like the photo above, imagine how you would see a finished eye drawing and copy the lines you imagine on your artwork.

Last step, outline all parts of the eye with a gray brush pen. Your work should look somewhat like this once you’re done. If it doesn’t, keep practicing until it looks better than mine.

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